Who We Are!

We are the student ministry of Victor Baptist Church in Branson, MO. We believe that our students are capable of making a relevant change in the world today. We focus on having a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.

We come together at least three times a week. Sunday mornings for Sunday school, starting at 9:45 am, and Sunday Evenings for Small Groups, beginning at 6:30 pm. Wednesday beginning at 6:30 pm is our weekly Youth meeting. At this meeting there is a time to get to know each other, and share with each other the things that excite us, and make us happy, or bother us and make us sad. We learn how to take our cares and concerns to the Lord. We break into his work and study the things that help us be strong in a not so ideal world.


We have several times during the year that we come together and travel, or spend a weekend with each other as a group. These functions are designed to bring us closer together. We have time for fun and laughter, prayer and Bible study. Camp and Retreats are privileged opportunities for the Youth Group. Going to camp or retreat requires you to be an active member of the weekly Youth meeting on Wednesday nights, or attend Sunday School, or Sunday night on regular basis.